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Shortness of breath has many causes affecting either the breathing passages and lungs or the heart or blood vessels. However, the causes fall into simple categories that we have listed for you below. Shortness of breath is also referred to as dyspnea.

Acupuncture is slowly gaining acceptance. Despite the problems of arranging fair clinical studies, a body of clinical literature is starting to appear that is beginning to erase the doubts of skeptics and give some respectability to the treatment.

Human Acupuncture Model, emotional and Medicobot Health. Insomnia can be particularly devastating because it often leads to a vicious cycle of daytime behaviors that worsen the condition. Persons without adequate sleep can experience tiredness, lack of energy, and concentration problems; which they may attempt to overcome by excessive caffeine intake or nicotine use. Insomniacs may be too tired to exercise and take afternoon naps, both of which reduce the ability to fall asleep the following night.

A controlled study that investigated the effects of electroacupuncture (EA) therapy on body weight and levels of serum insulin, c-peptide and glucose in 52 obese women. They were allocated to one of three groups: placebo EA; ‘real’ EA; or diet restriction.

It is usually difficult to address the specific treatment for a disorder like listlessness by acupuncture. It is important to remember that something like this would be only a symptom. The insomnia might be considered a cause except insomnia itself is a symptom of something else.

A systematic review that pooled data from 7 randomised controlled trials evaluating any form of acupuncture in a total of 590 people with any type of insomnia. Included trials compared acupuncture with placebo, sham acupuncture or no treatment, or acupuncture plus other treatments compared with the same other treatments.

The TENS units are available from one to twelve channels to treat various kinds of soreness and pain and to stimulate nerves using mild electrical current that passes through the skin into the nerve fibers that lie just beneath.

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